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 On Saturday evening November 25th the Newark High School class of 1971 held their 35th reunion
at the Aetna Hook and Ladder Company Fire Hall on Ogletown Road in Newark, Delaware.
Over sixty classmates and spouses turned out and the party continued until midnight.

Pat Murphy, Mike Pembrook, Bill Records, Dave Redulski, Ray Bias and Dennis Brogan
Karl Herman
Bob and Roberta Henry, Mary Jean Crow GieutingBob and
Jim Need and Jay Galloway
Carol Duffy, Joe and Dana (Anderson) Culin
Carol, Joe and Dana
Carol Duffy, Bruce and
Janice (Nau) Buckson

Carol, Bruce and Janice
Caroline (Reidinger) Shields and
Robert O'Brien

Carol Reidinger
Susan (McElhinney) Penta, Cheryl (McElhinney) Cunningham and Diane McVey
Susan and
Teresa Pritchett and Jim Ford
Coy Purcell, Carol Duffy, Bruce and Janice (Nau) Buckson
Coy, Bruce, Carol and Janice
Joe and Dana (Anderson) Culin
Jane (Mayer) Mangat, Dana (Anderson) Culin and Karl Herman
Jane Dana and Karl
Debbie (Lamenzo) Snapp and Jane (Mayer) Mangat
Jane and Debbie
Jane (Mayer) Mangat
Steve Bartlett, Dennis Brogan, Coy Purcell and Chuck Lewis
Jeff, Coy, Dennis and Chuck
John Squire
Jeff Squire
Terce Henriquez, Caroline (Reidinger) Shields, Ginny (Balling) Henriquez
Many Smiles
Melanie (Wilson) Eleuterio and
Tom Eleuterio

Melanie and Hubby
Michael Munroe
Michael M.
Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy
Linda and
Ralph Oliver

Ralph Olivier
Jackie Gleber
Sally Krapf
Ray Bias and
Carol Duffy

Ray and Carol
Nancy (Smith) Widdoes,
Pat Murphy,
John Squire, Ray Bias, Michael Munroe,
Coy Purcell,
Dennis Brogan,
Jim Need and
Carol Gallaher

The Bar area
Wayne and
Linda Smith

Wayne Smith
Diane McVey
Diane McVey
Ray Bias and Bobby O'Brien
Ray Bias and Robert (Bobby) O'Brien
Ray Bias, Bruce Buckson and Dana Cullen (Anderson)
Ray Bias, Bruce Buckson, Dana Cullen (Anderson)
Steve Hudson and Sally Pinto (Krapf)
Steve Hudson, Sally Pinto (Krapf)
Ray and Carol cutting the rug
Ray Bias and Carol Duffy cutting up
Were we ever adolescents?
Young Studs
John Townley
Your name is
aDebbie (Lamenzo) Snapp, , Sally (Pinto) Krapf
The Committee

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